About Plugins

eCmsCart is modified and feature rich version of opencart. The final goal is to get a out of the box solution for all eCommerce needs and reducing the gap of requiring the paid plugins.

Did you know switching to eCmsCart from opencart is easy? Infact 70% of your premium plugins can also be used in eCmsCart. However reverse is not possible, While opencart plugins can be used to 70% without modification, while ecmscart plugin cannot be used in opencart. Infact, the rest 30% plugins can be easily converted for ecmscart easily by re-modulating the controller files of plugin and its a easy task.

If you are a developer and has some specific concept you feel is not generic and people would need it as a solution, get your extension here before any one else claims to have the copyright in our extension repository.  If you need help in understanding how to convert your plugin from opencart to ecmscart we can definitely help you.

Please reach us at support@kodecube.com or on the forum.